Create Autodesk Account

  • Select for 'personal use'
  • For country use United States.
  • Verify your email!
  • Once account is made download the free 30-day trial.
    The hobby licence will activate after the 30 day period
  • When you first open Fusion you'll be prompted to join or make a team.
    Create a new team called 'SMW20'
  • Idea Maker

    Download IdeaMaker

  • DO NOT download the beta version - it may not be stable
  • This is the software used by the Raise3D printers to slice 3D models
  • Printer: Raise3D N1
  • Extruders: 1
  • Filliment: 1.75PLA
  • Startup Mindset

    Prototyping Week 1


  • Understand the purpose of prototyping
  • Explore different kinds prototypes
  • Introduce Fusion360
  • Introduce IdeaMaker
  • Play with 3D printer
  • Why Prototype?

    Much like writing a business plan provides value both as an activity and as a final product, the act of prototyping helps you discover potential problems, find new inspiration, and generally think through things you might otherwise not consider.

    Having a completed prototype makes it much easier to share your vision and answer questions, and shows a level of seriousness beyond simply having an idea.